11th hour  is the ongoing body of eco-friendly work by
our award-winning artist and furniture designer &
carpentry crew. These unique creations can best be
described as modern, eclectic, and organic. Our style is
constantly evolving, and never ordinary. Pieces can be
customized to suit your space, but only reproduced in
limited editions.  Use our
contact page to get started
on your

What We Do
Skilled carpentry and metalworking are combined to form
beautiful works for your space. Home, garden, or business-
no matter where you display your furniture- it is sure to be
talked about. You'll appreciate it even more knowing it was
made from
reclaimed materials with VOC-free finishes.

Want to commission a
sculpture? You've come to the right
place! Nothing is too big or too small. Contact us for a free

"If it's not green, it's ugly- in the way that anything
thoughtless is ugly." -Architect Rob Harrison in
April 2008
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11th hour furniture
inspired earth-friendly creations
Steel Garden Table
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cherry-maple-walnut floor inlays
the Anton table
Medelise cherry table
"Local" & "Eco-friendly"
go hand in hand. Learn
more at:
"say grace" banquet table
Breakfast in Georgia
God's eye table
Watch wheel Tables